Laser Marking System Solutions

  • Auto Focus:

The lens which used in laser marking systems determines the laser focus distance. This focus distance needs to be adjusted for the part to be processed. The Z-axis, which set in the marking systems is used for this. If the Z-axis (has no engine) cannot automatically move, the adjustment is made manually by the operator with a lever switch. In this case the adjustment is dependent on the operator’s skill in sensitive operations. If the Z-axis can automatically move, it is possible to move the operator up and down by pressing a button. Another option is that measuring the distance and making adjustment automatically independent from operator.

  • Marking-on-the-Fly:

This application allows marking on the serial production lines without stopping the production line. It is not a standard application and it requires customization according to the speed of the band, the dimensions of the brand.

  • Imaging Systems:

Imaging systems are systems that can be used for quality control purposes, showing simultaneous operation while marking is being done.FiberLAST imaging systems which determine whether the marking process is correct or not according to the desired thresholds, can separate the product from the serial production line which is determined to be of low quality and give warning and warning notifications where necessary.