divizorIt is originally designed, developed and produced to make full-round branding in round materials such as bracelets, rings, pipes. The FLAST-NanoMARK series is fully compatible with fiber laser marking products. The control unit and motor unit are integrated and the product is extremely compact and aesthetic. Because it is directly powered, there is no positioning clearance and provides high precision.

    • Integrated position control electronics

    • RS232 and step-direction activation control interface

    • Step bypass / error detection and feedback

Technical Drawing

Technical Specifications  
Positioning resolution  51200 steps / round
Circular excretion ≤ 50 µm
Maximum mirror connection diameter 80 mm
Positioning clearance0 (direct drive)
Power 24V, 1A
Weight 7.5 Kg
Base dimension 180 x 160 mm
Height 137 mm
Angular Motion  +25 degrees (up) / -15 degrees down
FiberLAST Inc. reserves the right to change specifications