Focus Lift

Motorized lift systems that focus on the Z-axis during marking of different sizes of materials

Rotary axis

It is originally designed, developed and produced to make full-round branding in round materials such as bracelets, rings, pipes.

Laser lenses

F-Theta lenses with different focal lengths depending on the user’s application,

Powder and Smoke Vacuum Systems

Dust and smoke vacuum systems are used to remove dust, fumes and particles from the lasers during processing

Precious metal (gold) vacuum,
filtration and recovery systems

It is a vacuum system specially designed for jewelery sector for the prevention and recycling of precious metals such as gold during laser processing.

Laser safety goggles

Laser protective goggles provided to protect from harmful laser rays

FPGA-based electronic control boards

FPGA-based electronic cards that can be programmed to the user’s application

Fiber Laser Components

Components used in fiber laser production phase.

Fiber Laser Diodes

Diodes used in fiber laser production phase.