High Beam Quality

High beam quality provides marking different materials and exact cutting with very high precision.

Low Consumption

FiberLAST Fiber Laser Systems that offer the advantage of low energy consumption in user applications with superior efficiency features.

7/24 Operation

FiberLAST Fiber Laser Systems that do not require serious cooling and that can be operated without interruption by cooling air.

Maintenance Free

FiberLAST Fiber Laser Systems that can operate in the first day’s efficiency without requiring maintenance for years with a diode life of up to 100,000 hours.

Award-winning products

FiberLAST Fiber Laser Systems have been awarded by prestigious institutions such as TÜBİTAK, TESİD and Parlar Foundation.

100% Customer Satisfaction

FiberLAST keeps customer satisfaction at top level with unprecedented services that are offered before and after sales.

Laser Design by Customer Need

FiberLAST Fiber laser systems can offer special designs with more than 10 years of know-how and experience.

Reputable References

FiberLAST Fiber Laser Systems are the first choice of the leading companies in their sector.

FiberLAST, Produces Fiber Laser Solutions

FiberLAST Co. was established to design, manufacture and develop fiber laser in Turkey. The center and R&D laboratories of FiberLAST, has sales offices in Istanbul, take in place at advanced technology center METU Teknokent . METU Teknokent is the first, largest and most innovative technology development zone in Turkey with its 343 R&D companies and 5800 R&D staff in 137,000 square meters of covered space. FiberLAST designs and manufactures pulsed fiber laser systems in high-quality continuous wave and nanosecond-phycosanimetric regimes for various industrial applications and scientific work such as laser marking, material processing, precision machining, engraving, scraping and laser cutting. It also provides consulting services on laser-material interaction and laser development.

FiberLAST is the first and only industrial company, which makes and develops fiber laser design, that produces laser in Turkey. FiberLAST has succeeded in developing an original and indigenous technology that significantly improves the performance of fiber laser systems.